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Monty - looking all business-like...

About Monty

Monty (aka: Stephen Montagna [personal blog]) is an actor/director [headshot/resumé PDF label; V.O. reel], multi-media communications consultant, and a social justice and violence prevention educator [professional CV PDF label] & activist [violence prevention website]. An east coast native, who has made his home in Madison, WI since the early ’90’s, he’s a natural storyteller, with a unique, quirky, and unfettered sense of creativity.

All his life he’s been telling stories – as an actor, director, and writer on the stage and screen, a web master and media specialist, and as a teacher and activist in the community.

All of us have stories to tell. Sometimes that story is about a product or service; sometimes it’s an exploration of a concept; sometimes it’s a staunch defense of an idea, belief, or way of life.

Let’s tell your story…

photo of Monty filling every role on a video shoot
Monty is a "jack of all trades"