Statement on the use of AI / ChatGPT

Like many content creators, I take great pride in the creativity, research, trial-and-error, and hours that go into anything I make. With the explosion of AI (artificial intelligence) and tools like ChatGPT, there has been lots of controversy regarding the trade off of increased productivity vs. uncompensated use of other people’s work in generating content.

I have always said the the problems that we collectively face usually don’t have to do with technology, but with how technology interacts with all the “isms”: capitalism, racism, sexism, ageism, etc. As someone who enjoys tech, is curious about it, and tends to pick-up new applications and hardware interfaces pretty quickly, it feels like using and gaining and understanding of AI applications is a skill set I should have in my tool belt.

I try to avoid “just say no” approaches to things. I prefer to say “yes, and” (with a nod to all my improv friends), which is to say, learn how to use the tool, but do so in a manner that doesn’t subvert my or anyone else’s creativity and work. Therefore, I’m exploring how to install and run a version of AI locally – tapping into my own work, or works by others that I can identify, track, and cite.

Where AI has been implemented using a locally installed and managed LLM (Large Language Model), I will label it as such; where I have otherwise simply used my own, vast creative resources (did I mention I’m a creative problem-solver?:), I will default to the “Certified AI/ChatGPT Free” label.

yellow box with ChatGPT logo crossed out in Red and "Certified AI/ChatGPT FREE" - "Original Content or Cited"