Podcast Editing – Side Jams with Bryan Reesman

image of Bryan and guest Margarita Monet from Ep. 60 of his Side Jams podcast

Elsewhere here you may see the promo video I did for my best friend, Bryan Reesman; he’s also enlisted me to help with editing episodes of his video podcast series Side Jams with Bryan Reesman, where he interviews musicians about the things they do when they’re not jamming – the stuff that didn’t make them famous, but the hobbies, passions, or side hustles that feed their creative souls.

Anyone who has recorded any sort of collaborative conversation between two (or more) people in different states (or time zones, countries), knows the struggle with teleconferencing — different hardware, bandwidth issues (no more hotel wifi, please!), lighting and sound issues, etc. — so, I help Bryan & Co. mitigate these as best as possible; I receive footage outputs from Riverside, additional content from Bryan, and pull of it into Final Cut Pro and make something from it.