What's Your Story?

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All of us have stories to tell. Sometimes that story is about a product or service; sometimes it's an exploration of a concept; sometimes it's a staunch defense of an idea, belief, way of life or group of people.

My name is Stephen Montagna; I'm an east coast native who has made his home in Madison, WI since the early '90's. All my life I have been telling stories – as an actor, director, and writer on the stage and screen, a web master and media specialist, and as an activist in the community.

Let me help you tell your story...



Happening now

"dojo: the story of an American aikido school"

Documentary feature currently in post-production; I just dropped a new trailer:



You can also view the original trailer:



video promo reel for Bryan Reesman, Entertainment Reporter

Promo reel for entertainment reporter Bryan Reesman (http://www.bryanreesman.com), featuring interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Jessica Chastain, Mark Wahlberg, and many others.

Ongoing Development

The Periodic Table of (human) Elements (aka: ptohe.com)

thumbnail of the Periodic Table of (Human) Elements

Originally created for the UW-Madison Office for Equity & Diversity (see below), as part of a brochure re-design, the PToHE continues to live and grow in its own right as a teaching tool for us all. A work in progress, the site is a placeholder awaiting a rainy day (or two) or a crackerjack coder (or two) to donate some time to take the static image and turn it into a fluid, end-user-editable teaching tool. Visit the site for more info...


I'm not only the MLP owner, I'm also a client! I recently did a polish on the animated version of my logo in Apple Motion.


cover - The Burden of Sexual Violence in Wisconsin, 2010 (pub. 2013)

part of my over-all design for the "Burden Report" while on staff at WCASA

cover, Burden Report

you can read more about the report and download a full version in PDF from WCASA's website...


Information Sheet re-design

one of several in the Information Sheet Series redesigned and updated for WCASA


thumbnail of orginal info sheet and After: thumbnai of redesigned info sheet

You can download a full PDF version of the WCASA Child Sexual Abuse Info Sheet Before & After [trigger warning].


UW-Madison Office for Equity & Diversity (OED) brochure re-design

originally hired in the spring of 2008 to help the OED Learning Communities polish and update the text of their brochure, I got hold of an idea (this often happens with me) and ended up redesigning the whole brochure from the ground up, graphics, slogans, and all...
[text, graphics, layout]


original brochure cover original brochure inside

and After:

redesigned brochure cover

redesigned brochure inside, thumbnail

PDF document download full brochure – 2.9MB


Bascom Hall OED display case re-design

subsequently, OED hired me to give their Bascom Hall kiosk a redux; again I got hooked on an idea (there’s an interesting story in this one)...
[design, image manipulation, copywriting, project management]

Display case before before / after Display case with Rosa Parks image



UW-Madison Center for Women's Health Research

web site design and maintenance, 2000–2006
link: http://www.womenshealth.wisc.edu

snapshot of CWHR home page


UW-Madison WISELI (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute)

web site design and maintenance, 2002–2006
link: http://wiseli.engr.wisc.edu/

WISELI home page snapshot


Misc Video

Firefox Commercial

In 2006, Mozilla held a contest for a 30 second spot about the Firefox browser; I, wrote, shot, edited, animated, scored, and published my entry in three days with no budget, renting a Canon XL1, tripod, and light kit from Full Compass Systems. I didn’t win the contest, but I had a lot of fun!
[writing, shooting, editing, animation]

Stephen sits at his desk - freeze frame from video
(Quicktime m4v file, 2.8MB)