What's your story?

And what part of your story do you need help with? I can assist from beginning to end, or I may be of service by helping you figure out that one missing piece.

My time is generally billed at $20/hr for research, writing, copyediting, and design, and $25/hr for video/multi-media production.

However, I am committed to helping you convey your message in the best way(s) possible, and I am willing to negotiate a flat project fee. I am also willing to pro-rate for simple assignments which may take minimal effort on my part, but may be invaluable for the success of your endeavor. Please contact me and we can work out something that will be accessble for your current budget constraints!

My services include:

  • Writing – this can include research; can be as involved as generating text for multipage layout or book, or as small as writing a tag-line/slogan
  • Editing – I can review and polish your cover letter, resume, brochure, grant application, blog post, or other promotional content; take your text to the next level
  • Design – I can design a brochure, flyer, annual report, business card, logo, or other supporting graphics such as charts or tables; manipulate photos
  • Multi-media – video/audio production, slide/presentation creation and editing, podcasting, animation
  • Consulting – I can assist you with creating a communications strategy, help walk your staff through how to work with the web and social media
  • Communications Audit – a top-to-bottom assessment of your agency's current communications habits/processes and recommendations for a strategic plan to address gaps and improve outreach